Mi WISP Wireless Internet

Our Mi WISP Internet is $49.99 per month for Home Service* and offers:

We DO NOT recommend ANY RING devices.  They can consume 50+gigs of data per device per month..  Making your internet seem slower than it is.

Also our Service does not support Hulu w/Live TV, Normal Hulu works perfectly fine :).

*Business Service is $59.99 per month, requires Different Equipment and can have Managed WiFi for No additional Monthly Cost.

Site surveys cost $25 and are only for a 35 Mile Radius from Warner, OK. (Management can allow further range on a case by case basis)  Site surveys can take on average up to 7 days to get results.   If you decide to go with our service the $25 site survey will be credited back to your upfront equipment charge.  Site Surveys are good for 30days.  After 30 days there will be no $25 Credit applied for service.  If you need to cancel service we require a 30day notice.  Canceling with less than a 30 day notice, will incur a $25 Disconnect Fee.  Moving out of one of our service areas will not be charged the Disconnect Fee.

Submitting multiple entries for the same address will cancel both entries out.

Please be Patient we are a small business, and working as fast as we can to get to new customers.